Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Wednesday 15th September: Runswick Bay

I happened to be awake as the dawn came up and captured this out of the caravan front window
lovely colours, aren't they?

Watching the swallows swooping and diving around the caravan made me wonder whether they aren't a little late this year? perhaps they are waiting for a favourable wind.
Once again we set off with the intention of visiting Staithes, and once again we didn't get there!
It was so windy and looked about to rain so we decided to continue up the coast as far as Redcar, do some shopping and try our luck on the way back.
Pat shot this image in Saltburn and at that point the weather was looking quite good

But as we approached Staithes it rained and the sky turned black. In hope of better weather we drove down to the lower car park in Runswick Bay, and to our pleasure and surprise the sun came out!
I noticed that this cottage had a Pear tree trained to grow up the front wall, and it was loaded with ripe fruit, They wouldn't be there long if we lived there!
We found an alleyway we had never tried before and explored all the nooks and crannies up the hill, it's amazing that after all these years we can still find somewhere that's new to us!
Just look at the lush ferns and other plants growing in front of this cottage, it's hard to believe this is North Yorkshire, it seems more like Cornwall!
A nice touch, a fishing coble model used as a widow box
~pat got this nice arrangement the float and plants make a great composition on the wall

And look at this fine butterfly, lovely to see they are still around this late in the season
What a great day it turned out to be after all!

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