Sunday, September 19, 2010

Saturday 18th Sept Nunnington Hall

For a change we decided on a visit to Nunnington Hall, as even this late in the season, it gets busy on the coast at the weekend.Pat took this shot of the entrance hall and admission desk area
And in the first room she shot this lovely flower display
They lived a life of sumptuous style our aristocratic anscestors, rather in contrast to the lot of the working classes!
And this is a view of the Nursery upstairs. A little less ostentatious than the previous room
More to our taste, the gardens where there are still, thank goodness some of the summer flowers in bloom
And a "Wishing Apple Tree" hence the ribbons, apparently you can tie on a ribbon and make a wish.
More attractive, some of the "everlasting" flowers are still in bloom, they look as if they are artificial, don't they?

Here's proof that they're not, they were busy with bees and flies
This is the view from the Attic window, where there is currently an exhibition of paintings of the coast from Spurn Head as far as the Tees, and very good they are too!

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