Thursday, September 16, 2010

16th Sept We finally visit Staithes!

We decided to make another attempt (despite a poor weather forecast) to visit Staithes and this time we actually made it!
While parking we were approached by and elderley Australian couple who were asking about the Captain Cook connection and we gave them some info and told them of how steep the hill was down into the village.
Since we didn't see them again and their car had gone by the time we got back, I hope we didn't put them off!

One of the things I like about Staithes is that it still has some scruffy corners (as it should) like this one that take you back to the time when the village hadn't been taken over for holiday cottages displacing the fisher folk.

Down by the bridge over the creek Pat took this shot of the old slipway, the dog had a great time in the water!
Only a couple of boats, as they are now all moored in the protected outer harbour since the outer mole was improved. From the photography point of view this is as pity as the massed colouful boats and tangled mesh of mooring ropes used to make great images!
The cobbled main street doesn't change much, nice to see that people make the effort to place containers of lowers outside the front door, as there isn't any room for cardens.
Anything available is pressed into service as a flower display, even the kitchen sink!
I really adds to the atmosphere of the place

And here we are looking across at the Nab, while we were over there we were astonished to see three House Marten nests with young in them: is this usual, so late in the season? we wondered whether the young would be ready for the migration south, which must be any day now, surely?
Pat took this shot of the harbour, and by now she was suffering from her Arthritis, so I walked back to the car park and came down in the car to pick her up.
It was now lunch time so we continued up the coast road to Saltburn and had lunch in the Signals Bistro, Roast Pork with all the trimmings for me, Pat had Roast Beef with a small jacket potatoes.
For afters there was Treacle Sponge and Custard for me, Rice pudding for Pat
A great day out!

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