Friday, September 17, 2010

Friday 17th Sept, Castleton for lunch and Robin Hoods Bay

We had a pleasant tour through to Castleton for lunch and to meet our friends, Pat took this shot near Glaisdale, and after dinner we continued on to Guisborough for shopping
Pat was busy with hobbies after tea, and suggested that I could visit Robin Hoods Bay, so after tea that's what I did, as you can see by the angle of the shodows even though it was only 5:45 pM the nights are really pulling in! This is the strange "statue" at the top of the hill.
Note the white tops out to sea, it had been a windy day

And a little way down the hill (I'm sure it gets steeper every year!) To my surprise I could see that there are still swallows swooping around the chimney pots, and it was a mild evening
This is the steep corner by the pub, in the shop window on the left is a picture of "The day the bus got stuck" from the 50's showing a single decker coach attempting to come down the hill around this bend
Down at the beach and looking across the bay to Ravenscar the amount of spray from the high sea is quite pronounced, but here it was still and sheltered.
I have always liked this view of the hotel at the end of the coast to coast walk, and there were quite a few folk sat outside enjoying a drink
Here they are, you can't help wondering if they have finished the walk or are just starting it, after spending the night in the hotel
Now I begin the ascent up the dead end road that will eventually bring me back to the steep hill and the car park
What a climb! it was a relief to get back to this point near the car park. Look at the spray in the picture, there seems to be a lot more than there was when I was setting off. It looks like it will be a rough night at sea tonight!

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