Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Tuesday 14th September Changeable Weather

Sunshine after breakfast had us heading down towards Whitby with the intention of a visit to Staithes. As you can see in this image by Pat, it was a glorious morning!
At least at first! we stopped as we so often do on the hill going down into Sandsend and the sky darkened and the rain began, but at least there was this rainbow
A change of plan was called for, so we doubled back to Scarborough top of Olivers Mount, where Pat took this view down onto the harbour
Next stop was the esplanade where we parked to walk down to the Italian Gardens. Pat took this image looking out over what had been one of Scarboughs main attractions, the huge open air swimming pool. A big loss when that went!

The Italian Gardens were not up to their best as the gardeners had just taken out the summer plants to make way for the autumn ones
But there were lots of fish in the pool
Eros looks as if he has problems with spiders!
Pat caught this cheeky little fella on the fence, a pity we didn't have anything to give him!
There are still some fine flowers in the beds at the extreme ends of the gardens, this was taken by Pat
And we walked along the cliff paths till we came to these steps, Pat struggled with these, but we had enjoyed our day out.

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