Monday, September 13, 2010

13th Sept 2010 Lunch at Saltburn

Though the morning was quite sunny to start with, it soon turned dull. We decided to drive to Saltburn along the coast and stopped for a coffee and biscuits on the roadside of the hill down into Saltburn, which as you see here was quiet after the weekend crowds were gone
looking south towards Whitby there were just a couple of people walking along the beach and the sky was becoming somewhat grey!

By the time we reached Saltburn it was raining heavily and we enjoyed the usual well cooked lunch in the Signals Bistro by the Railway Station
Today it was Roast Beef, Yorkshire pudding mash and peas followed by treacle sponge and custard.
Our plan to visit the Italian Gardens in the Ravine had to be put back to another day as it was raining cats and dogs, so a trip home was the order of the day

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