Sunday, June 08, 2008

7th to 9th June 2008: Flamborough Weekend

We went for a weekend away with our friends of the Yorkshire Freeway Caravanning Club, on a coastal weekend Flamborough.
Flamborough was as it so often is rather foggy, the sound of a distant foghorn on the headland is a regular part of the day here!
The more fortunate had gone on Thursday and enjoyed a rare and wonderful hot sunny day, whereas we arrived and the rain started, and the fog had to have a go as well.
Never mind we had a good turn out, and people enjoyed themselves, playing bingo on Friday night and "Horse Racing" on Saturday .

Saturday morning started off rainy, with a forecast for brighter later, so we decided to have a run inland and stop off at the Castleton Tea rooms for lunch.
We drove through Pickering and over Blakey Ridge, where we were surprised to find the sun came out: stopping to admire the distant view into Farndale, and taking a couple of photo's despite the high level of haze in the distance, and an unexpected warm and quite strong wind.

We enjoyed an all day breakfast

and made out way back via Egton Bridge and Pickering to laze away the rest of the afternoon.
After tea I went for a walk to the cliff top and took some shots of the local wild flowers and also this rather misty distant view.
The fog returned during the evening and into the early hours of the morning, but the sun came out on sunday morning and clear it all away.

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