Sunday, June 01, 2008

1st June 2008: Flaming June????

What a difference to yesterday! we woke to the sound of driving rain, and fog,and this set the tone for the rest of the day. We ventured out at lunchtime, descending into Whitby to have lunch at "Elizabeth Botham's" cafe, ( a rather nice ham and pineapple quiche with an excellent salad and tea,) and a little shopping at Boots and the Co-op.
Despite the rain I did manage to get a couple of shots of the Square Rigger sailing ship the "Grand Turk" using Autostitch to create this full view of the ship as the harbour doesn't give you enough free space in front of the ship to frame it, I also took another of the ship from The Railway Station entrance, and of the statue in the barrel on the free standing memorial to "Captain Scoresby, the inventor of the Crow's Nest"

The rest of the day was spent reading and on the Bridge Camera users group forum, as the weather was too poor to venture out!

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