Tuesday, June 03, 2008

2nd June 2008 and better weather again

And after yesterday's fog and rain, thank goodness! We went down into Whitby and sampled the local speciality "Whitby Gingerbread and Wensleydale cheese" very nice, and so filling we abandoned our original idea to go to a Cafe for lunch and just bought a Cornish Pasty each instead!

We had a walk in the sunshine to the end of the pier and I took some photos, here's a combination of two to give a view across the harbour and the boat moored below.
You never seen to have the right angle of view on a lens, do you?

Fortunately Autostitch is always there to come to the rescue!
The rest of the morning we toured around inland and had our lunch on the hilltop in the area of Danby Beacon, I used the resulting picture as part of a tutorial on the Forum on removing haze.

After a lazy afternoon and tea we went down to Robin Hood's Bay, Pat remained in the car reading while I sallied forth down into the town, which was pretty quiet with the weekend trippers gone!

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King Sharney said...

How beautuful. Lovely pictures