Saturday, June 14, 2008

14th June 2008 a trip to the end of the peninsula

We made our way to the northern coast along the very pleasant side roads, the verges sprinkled with a wide variety of wildflowers, and every so often, woods on either side closed in overhead and we were driving down a tunnel lined with Rhododendrons.
We crossed the east west B4417 and took to the side roads again, meandering past farms and many unsignposted little roads, until we found the one we were looking for, Porth Ysgaden.
In the many years since we were here last the track has deteriorated somewhat till it seems as badly pitted and potholed as some we were familiar with in Malta!
Arriving there we found it hadn't changed there was still the end wall of the ruined cottage on the hilltop, and the stone work of the abandoned lime kiln, and that's about it!
Further down the coast we drove down the narrow side road and parked at Porth Colmon, where a chap was launching a yacht down a very rough slipway, it too was spectacular, and we took some photos there.
Continuing along the side roads we passed many signs where you could walk to the cliff edge and view the splendid coastal scenery, but we needed easier access as Pat has problems with Arthritis (must get her some wheely boots so she can coast downhill and I can tow her back up again.) and came eventually to Porth Oer where the National Trust run a car park, and also a Cafe on a really rather special beach and bay.
We spent a while on the beach and ate lunch, with a Honeycomb and double cream ice cream tub each for afters. There were even some Eskimos in the sea!
I went for a walk along the rather hairy cliff track, where at times you were standing on a mud ledge a few inches wide above an 80 foot drop, but the views were worth it!
After this excitement we drove just a little further and while Pat stayed in the car and read a magazine, I made the steep ascent to the hilltop viewpoint and was rewarded with splendid vistas of the coast and over to the mountains. This is the view looking down onto Porth Oer
Our final outward trip was to the very tip of the peninsula through Uwchmynyd, where the National Trust Car park on the hillside gave a fine view down on to Bardsey Island.
One of the things we have noted here is the amazing number of Foxgloves that grow by the wayside, they are as common as Dandelions back in East Yorkshire!

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