Sunday, June 22, 2008

22 June and a big improvement in the weather!

We had high winds and heavy rain overnight, so were very pleased to find that despite this it was still mild this morning. and the rain had stopped: there was even a trace of blue sky now and then!
I had taken the awning down sopping wet on yesterday evening, and it was bundled up on the car seat awaiting the opportunity for me to put it out to dry.
There was still quite a stormy sky and the wind was blowing the trees around, hardly a beach day, but at least there ought to be some wild waves to photograph.
Off we went to find the highest point of the island and were amazed at the transformation of "Hells Mouth" bay. a couple of days earlier it had been an idyllic scene with gentle waves lapping along gently sloping golden sands, today a boiling sea of waves and foam crashed against the shore, and there was no question that any boat entering the bay with the strong on-shore wind would be in mortal danger: especially in the days of sail it would have earned it's name!
Coming down from the hill we stopped at the top of the hill into Aberdaron and i took this one: just look at those waves! The wind ws very strong and making it difficult to hold the camera still.
Once through the village we stopped on the hilll and took a second view looking back, before continuing to the National Trust car park atop the headland at Mynydd Mawr where I took these views looking out towards Aberdaron bay and the little islets Ynys Gwylan Fawr and Ynys Gwylan Bach, and also over in the other direction to Porth Llanawen.
At the summit we ate our packed lunch before descending and making our way across country for a second visit to Plas yn Rhiw, where among other flowers I photographed these rather splendid Ballerina Fuchsias.
By this time we wee ready to head back to camp for a cuppa and a rest!

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