Sunday, June 15, 2008

15th June 2008: A visit to Bodhant Gardens

Sunday and a tour into the mountains to visit Bodnant Garden.
Got away about nine and had a traffic free run (except for the seemingly inevitable road works every few miles!)
Possibly an attempt is being made to get them all finished before the main summer holiday period starts, but at the moment they are everywhere, even in some of the narrowest lanes in the back of beyond!
Anyway we arrived at the gardens just after they had opened and were pleased to find that there was still a little left of the "Laburnum Arch" even though we had missed it's full glory by a couple of weeks
We start off with a view of the house from the side lawn
Followed by one from across the main lake.
Here is the famous Laburnum arch: unfortunately we arrived about two weeks too late to see it's full glory, but you can still see how it must have looked!
I was fascinated by the huge bumble bees in the garden, and used the Fuji long zoom lens to capture this big one!
There were some plants that I hadn't seen before, like this
And the ornamental lake has superb water lilies, again the Fuji long zoom was needed to capture them!
Around the garden there were some fine statues, though some were weather worn, this one is in fine condition.
We had a delicious meal of Welsh Savoury sausages and mash and minced cabbage, then drove back via Capel Curig, taking some shots there and also of Snowdon from a distance!

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