Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Using film in 2008

I had a good look at using a film camera and realised that I didn't really want piles of prints, what I need is images that are good enough for the web. The local Photo processors confirmed that they would provide a developed film and the images on a CD for £2.98, which is very reasonable, and our localAldi superstore sell Koday VR100 135 36 exposure film for 2 films for £1.98, which gives the following cost:
film cost 2.75 pence per frame
Process cost 8.28 ditto
Total 11.03 pence per shot..........pretty cheap!
The other good point is that the processing only takes half an hour; the CD is ready when you come back from shopping, and each CD even has viewing and printing software on you can order prints over the net from it.
Naturally you an use your image editing software and printer on the stored pictures, and have them already on a permanent storage medium.. by the way you can have up to five films on a single CD at additional cost.
The scanned images are only 2 megapixels, but boy are they sharp! see attached pics: and they print surprisingly well, you only need the negatives for really large (10"*8" or above) prints.
So now I have to carry both digital and film cameras! (must be a glutton for punishment....)

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