Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Turning the clock back

Having been converted to digital photography for some years, using compacts and bridge cameras, I rather surprised myself just before Christmas when I spotted this camera on Ebay.
A Minolta Dynax 5: and decided I must have it...
The rationale was that I intend to upgrade to a Sony DSLR this year and the lens would fit......
When it arrived I was amazed at the absolutely perfect condition it was in, it looked new. Considering I only paid £63 for it I was very pleased.
compared to my bridge camera?
Like a ferrari to a citroen 2CV!
The first shot I took was of a seagull flying over me, I just raised the camera and fired....I was shocked at the blazing speed of the camera, it stopped the bird smack in the frame where I placed it, and pin sharp too....this would have been impossible with the bridge camera.

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