Wednesday, January 09, 2008

9th January :Today's ephotozine entry

Taken yesterday near the Humber Bridge, the weather turned a wee bit nasty!
It didn't do too badly, getting 8 votes.
At this time of year it's hard to take new photo's to put on ephotozine, most of the time you end up looking back through the stuff you took last summer.
I have my desktop computer partitioned so that I can boot either XP or Vista, as I don't trust the latter: I was proved right today when Vista simply refused to startup, and the repair sytem on the DVD failed to resurrect it. Currently I am reinstalling it, but the day when I trust it enough to use it for anything serious has receded further into the future!
It still needed the sound card driver re-installing every couple of day or so.....
Time someone toppled the oh so mighty Microsoft off it's perch and replaced the Windows system with something more reliable!

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