Sunday, January 13, 2008

13th January

We had intended to go for a decent run out today, but the weather was cloudy and promised rain so we got as far as doing some shopping and having lunch at McDonalds.
I wrote a tutorial for the Bridge Camera forum on combining two images and put the resulting image on Ephotozine as today's submission.
I was pleasantly surprised when it got 15 votes.
The chap who adminsters the forum used the tutorial and produced a very capable first attempt, using the posted images, and we had a friendly debate over the reasons for altering images: we see them as a way to generate images of a type that we don't have the opportunity to catch "in the field", and by creating them learn what makes a good and effective finished result.
During the afternoon I had a short walk, but soon headed back as it was cold and windy.

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