Tuesday, January 15, 2008

14 January 2008 Good old Windows Vista

Last Friday I ordered an 80 Gbyte hard drive off Ebay, and to my amazement it arrived this morning, and was instantly installed in the desktop computer.
I put a new drive into the computer today, initially I installed Freespire to see how much further that Linux distro had got, and was rather disappointed when it couldn't even see my USB connections, no matter what I tried, I never had a problem with Suse 10.2!
Any way I decided that as time was pressing I would have to install Windoze again, quite a lengthy operatotion, as my Vista is an Upgrade , so I have to install XP first just to run the Vista DVD.
Then to make matters worse Vista decided that it couldn't start, and I had to format the drive and start again from the beginning formatting XP.
Even then when it was installed, I had a couple of "Blue screen of Death" crashes over the Nvidia and Soundmax drivers!

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