Wednesday, January 09, 2008

January 8th And now for something different!

"An Alcoholics damaged DNA.Shocking evidence from the Electron Microscope of the damage done by the demon drink"
Er no, not really, just me monkeying about with pictues of a full glass using the flash gun with coloured beakers placed over it, then cloned and arranged in patterns.
The story behind this was that when looking on a great site
at the range of brilliant flash and lighting ideas that can be done for free or very cheaply, I suggested the method I had of slipping a beaker over the flash head, and in response Udi (The clever chap that runs the site) suggested that I try putting different couloured beakers over the flash gun...
This is the first real attempt , I'm sure that it can be improved on... anyway it got 8 votes... It's hard being a trendsetter!

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