Friday, April 18, 2008

Friday April 18th 2008 off to the coast

The Panorama of Buttermere above is composed of seven separate images: click on it to see it full size!

With weekend coming on the weather did what it usually does and became changeable: meaning anything from sunny to foggy with rain in between!
So we went for a drive down to the Honister Pass , and stopped to take several shots at Seatoller, (here's one.)
As you can see the colours and lighting are really attractive, I have often wondered why, it's as if you are on a film set, rather than in a real place.
Anyway off we went over Honister Pass, stopping partway down to take some photo's of the view, (but mostly to enjoy a cuppa and a piece of Grasmere Gingerbread.
The clouds came down as you can see
Then off we went though Buttermere and across to St Bees. Since the season hasn't really started there were very few people there, so we moved on to Whitehaven and had fish fingers and chips for lunch in the harbourside Tesco: fuel here is very expensive, at Tesco it was £1.19 per litre, 12 p more than at home!

We drove back via the back lanes and had a sleepy afternoon in the caravan, eating our packing up (we intended this for lunch!) for tea.

I had an evening walk on the lakeside, but boy, was that wind cold?

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David said...

Nice photos - one small point though - the panoramic view you've entitled Buttermere is actually a view over Crummock Water.