Tuesday, April 29, 2008

29th April 2008 :64 Today!

And still Barking Mad! Had a good birthday, and last full day of the holiday too, just for the record here's a picture of our pitch: as you can see we have plenty of room on this site: it's great:

We put on our wellie boots and walked down to the lake, heres a view to the north,

we ventured as far as the bridge over the river and took in this little panorama

Returning to the caravan we had our morning Grasmere Gingerbread "fix" and a rest then went into Keswich for a very tasty lunch at Booths: we followed this with a drive down the length of Ullswater.

On the way we parked at Aira force and I climbed the hill and took a photo.

On the way back I came across a genuine "Money Tree!" it's actually a partly rotted fallen tree and people have hammered coins into it, and in many cases bent them
I can't imaging what prompted them to do this, looks like something from Pagan times!

After tea i went for a last long walk around the lake and too yet again some more photo's

The final image is one with an added blue sky as the approaching darkness made the sky washed out

The camera I got for my birthday (a month early) has now made 1837 exposures!

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