Thursday, April 17, 2008

16th April 2008 and off to the Lakes!

We decided that you can wait forever for the weather to warm up/improve, so decided to take the plunge and go!
We headed for our favourite caravan site at Low Manesty, just through Grange, at the end of Derwentwater, and arrived mid afternoon. We had a good journey of just over five hours, stopping once briefly to eat a packed lunch in the lay-by at Scotch Corner, at the start of the A66.
To our surprise the site was almost full, so we're not the only mad people around it seems!
I had my hands full with the mains power lead connections which tied me up for a couple of hours, but eventually got this sorted out and went for a walk round the lake.
Here's a few shots....
The site is on the hillside above the lake, and you can simply walk through a gate and down a gentle slope till you reach the boardwalk: This is a raised walkway that used to be of wood planks, intended to raise visitors above the swampy shore of the lak, it's currently being replaced by a newer one constructed of "planks" made out of recycled plastic bottles that require virtually no maintenance as they don't rot!
It's great in the evening to stroll out there, the only slight drawback is that the sun falls below the high ridge of Catbells Fell, and it gets pretty cold in the resulting shadow.
The top image gives you a good idea of how the boardwalk looks, apparently it took something like 40,000 recycled bottles to create just one metre length of the synthetic planks!

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