Saturday, April 26, 2008

26th April 2008. Wild wet, and gray

After a wild, windy and wet night things improved, well at least the wind dropped a bit! It had been a little disturbing with the wind screaming through the treetops overnight, but looking around in the morning there were no signs of fallen branches anywhere, so it must have been more sound than fury!
We decided we needed a coastal run as the weather usually breaks quicker away from the mountains, so off to Silloth we went. We stopped on the coast road for our usual cuppa and of course the absolutely essential Grasmere Gingerbread. Here for reference purposes is a photo of a new unopened packet:#

Refreshed we continued along the coast to Silloth,usually the run has nice views out to sea, but today mist and fog hid all but the closest items. I got out of the car and battling with a golf umbrella to protect the camera, succeeded in getting at least one shot.
The strange breakwater at Silloth is something I haven't seen anywhere else and has always fascinated me.

There wasn't any point hanging around, so we headed cross country to Bassenthwaite lake, and here, for a brief few minutes the rain stopped and I was able to take a couple of shots of the lake and distant hills to combine into a super wide angle view.

We were nearly home, but decided to stop at the National Trust "Kettlewell" car park on the shore of Derwentwater where I got out and photographed some fungi growing on the trees

And also some rather begraggled catkins!

Finally as I ate my sandwiches, (and fed the scrounging ducks with the crusts) the view attracted my attention as it looked like a set from a Japanese kabuki theatre (you know, the ones with cardboard silhouettes) so here it is
Considering how grotty the weather was we had a pretty good morning out!

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