Friday, April 25, 2008

Friday 25th April 2008 Stayed local today

Fot two reasons, Pat had a nasty headache that wouldn't shift, and the weather was wet for most of the day, though it was still mild, thankfully.
During the morning too, we did have a bried interlude of sunshine.
We did go into Keswick , which was rather quiet for a change,
As we needed to do some shopping and we had a very tasty lunch in Booth's again, then came back to camp and put the shopping away, Pat had a rest and I went off to the other side of the lake for a walk along the shoreline: it's amazing the amount of wood that gets washed up, and the strange shapes it ends up when eroded.
The trees themselves seem to grow into the strangest shapes, probably due to hang too hang on to rocks and seel nourishment from tiny patched of soil between them!
From there I drove up to Ashness Bridge on the Watendlath and took several photographs to be used to make vertical panorames (super wide angle shots)
And then further up to Surprise View, the rain and mist was hardly helpful, nevertheless I still took quite a few shots, mainly to make into panoramas as usual.
This one is composed from five separate shots, and considering that it was misty and there was a fine rain at the time, it 'aint so bad!

As it was still raining after tea I had a beer and some peanuts and just went for a short walk.

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