Sunday, April 27, 2008

27th April And the weather is: Foggy for a change!

Well, why not? it's tried everything else (except of course for the impossible: you know, when that round thing in the sky lights up!)
Still it hasn't put us off and we had a pretty good tour around Lake Ullswater today, we joined the lake at the Aira Force waterfall, stopping to take the odd shot or two from the lakeside of course

I noticed there were clumps of primroses all along the bank under the trees
We continued North to Pooley Bridge the across the top of the lake before going for a change part way around the Eastern shore.
You can stop here and there and there are very pleasant views across the lake, and plenty of pleasure craft at anchor.

The reason is quite simple, half way along the lake you come to a little place called Howtown, where there is an "Outward Bound " centre and a rather picturesque jetty.

you drive over a steep hill will hairpin bends,

drop down into a little hamlet called Martindale, a further half mile brings you into the tiny group of cottages called Sandwick, and it's end of the road time.
The rain started, so we drove up to the viewpoint in the picture above and ate our packed lunch, then came back to our Campsite for a lazy afternoon.
After tea I went for a paddle in the shallows of the lake in my wellies, taking shots of the reflections and fragments of the fog still clinging to the hillsides,

it had been another good (if damp) day, and surprisingly mild at 15C

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