Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Tuesday 20th Sept: Better weather and Haweswater

How nice to see sunshine! I went for a morning walk by the shore of Derwentwater and it was very still.
The heacy recent rain had raised the water level quite a bit and some of the fencing is under water.
This is the view of the swollen river from the Chinese Bridge, the footpath to Lodore Hotel is under water on the other side of the bridge!
We set off for Haweswater and the sun was lighting up our favourite view nicely.
When we got to haweswater we were not so lucky as to get a blue sky, but at least the lighting was good.
But no amount of patience produced the Blue Sky I wanted!
When we got back to site I took a "grab" shot of a red squirrel raiding a bird feeder, pity it isn't sharp!
And found this colourful toadstool on the campsite

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