Saturday, September 24, 2011

Saturday 24th Sept 2011: Rain at first but it improved!

We drove to the coast in mist and rain and had lunch in the "Hungry Parrot" at Gosforth, then went over the moor and came back up the Duddon Valley, where the clouds finally started to clear a little.
Conditions improved slightly as we came to Thirlmere, but were still nothing to write hme about!
As we passed the end of the lake the sun came out at last!
And it continued to improve, i went for my usual evening walk along the lakeside, here is Friars Crag in sunshine for a change!
And I walked to the point where there was a view of my favourite house.
On the way back I was taken with the clouds over the fells and the curve of the boardwalk.
At least the heavy rain that started the day dwindled and disappeared in the afternoon.

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