Monday, September 26, 2011

Sunday 25th Sept 2011: Tarn Howes

Better weather this morning after a night of wind and rain, we drove across to Pemrith to shop, parking in a layby for our morning coffee
Then down to Ambleside, dropping down the hill aptly named "The Struggle" where we had to wait as this group of sweating ladies towed a small car up the hill!
A huge effort, they had already already towed the car up this lot, right from the level of the lake in the distance!
There is quite a view from up here
With it being Sunday Tarn Hows was very busy
But the Warden directed us to park next to his land rover.
And we had a walk down by the lake
We then continued down the old road to Lake Coniston
Down by the lake the sun was modelling the mountains very nicely!
Then it was time to head back to camp for tea!

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