Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Wednesday 6th Oct: A wet start then Eyemouth and Dunbar

The day started with continuous rain, which suddenly turned off around ten o clock and the sun came out and it changed the day completely.
We fancied visiting Eyemouth for the day, and parked in the town centre, which was refreshingly FREE!
This is the main street, as you can see there are still many of the buildings still roofed with slate tiles, which keeps the original character of the place
We picked up a sandwich and a bun from Trotters the baker for lunch, very very, tasty!

Opposite on the other side of the harbour is Gunsgreen House, once the home of a rich merchant and prominent smuggler, and now a museum

Down any alley in Eyemouth the true nature of the place is revealed with all the Fishing gear, otter boards, Lobster pots, floats etc.,
This is the fish processing terminal on the other side of the harbour, only two boats in suggests the main fleet is at sea
on our side of the harbour seals come to a point behind the fish stall where they are usually fed scraps, but the stall has now closed for the winter, I wonder how long before they give up?
Here is one I took of a seal swimming underwater

And one Pat took of one begging!
There is quite a nice beach here too, but rather quiet now!
We continued along the coast raod to Dunbar and Pat got this fine shot showing Torpoint Nuclear power Station, Barns Ness light house, and the Bass Rock
Pat was taken with the colourful nets on Dunbar Harbour side

And so was I some of these boats had amazing collections of floats aboard
Here is a large relic of times gone by, recovered from a wreck, the propeller is over 12 feet high
How this for a collection of floats?
Lobster pots seem to be simply left piled up on the quayside
And Pat pointed out the number of lobster pots on this small boat, really stacked up high
After we came back to the van I walked down to the riverbank and shot these fishermen. It had been a great day!

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