Saturday, October 09, 2010

Saturday 9th October, Bamburgh, Morpeth, Berwick

After the fog of yesterday, even the dull day we have had today was an improvement! we set off south and stopped for our morning coffee on "The Wynd" in Bamburgh where we could enjoy a view of the castle. as can be seen here there were some people on the beach, too!
After coffee we continued south again, pausing briefly in the empty castle car park for Pat to take this photograph
For once we didn't stop in Seahouses, passing along the coast road where we noted to our surprise that the caravan site at Annstead Farm had closed for the winter, and the Camping Club Site on Beadnel corner was closed too, and battened down till next year.
Pat wanted a photo of Aknwick Castle so that was our next destination, typically a large part of it was covered in scaffolding!

And even the poor old Percy lion on the bridge had a damaged tail, it was missing the coating of concrete and the arrow head at the far end!
Next stop Rothbury and lunch in the Biker Cafe (the Dales) and it was very busy here with hundreds of cars passing through on their way to a big country fair at Alwinton
The Street lamps in Rothbury remind me of those on the Thames embankment, they look sort of out of place in this little provincial market town.
late afternoon Pat was was resting so I drove to the southern end of the Tweed bridges and parked, then walked under the modern bridge to get this shot
And another one a little further along the river bank.
I spotted some steps that led up to the top of the bridge and climber them to get this view down onto the old bridge.
A few minutes later I was in Berwick on the bridge over the road north, it was market day and ~i have always liked this view of the Moot Hall
From up on the ramparts there are great views, her of the new bridge.
And the railway viaduct that carries the main east coast railway line
Then down the hill and back across the old bridge, this sundial caught my eye, it was a very pleasant walk!
We had made the best of an indifferent days weather, some of the inland scenery will be well worth visiting again when the weather improves!
A pretty good day all things considered.

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