Thursday, October 07, 2010

Thursday 7th October: Cragside

After breakfast we headed inland in the direction of Wooler and stopped in a layby to have our morning coffee with this view of the cheviot in the distance, touring inland in Northumberland is always a pleasure as the roads are very good, and there is hardly any traffic (especially at this time of year.
We made good time down to Cragside, to find that the house opening was delayed till 1PM, which didn't really bother us as we love the carriage drive and the lakes, and lunch in the visitor centre (the old stables) shown here.
And as an added treat in October you get a free dessert with every meal. (It was Banana and Walnut sponge and custard)
Because the drive near the house is being resurfaced, the carriage drive has been diverted to operate in reverse, which rather added to it's already considerable charm!

This is the highest of the lakes and as you can see it has a lovely level walk at the shore level. Just look at those reflections!
Further along the second lake was just as still and really rather fine
I can't get enough of the views of these lakes, they are really something!

Down by the lakeside it was very mild and obviously there are signs of impending autumn like these berries
But rather surprisingly large buds on the Rhododendrons, it looked more like spring than Autumn, and it certainly felt like it too!
We came back via Alnwick, stopping at our favourite view point for the lovely landscape
Pat has made a very good job of this one!
Just before tea I ventured down into Spittal and had a walk along the all but deserted promenade.
And on returning to the caravan I took this shot in the fading evening light, as you can see we have a fine view from out caravan!

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