Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Wednesday 13th October, A trip to Tropical World, Roundhay park, Leeds

We were looking for somewhere we could go that would be out of the weather, yet interesting from a Photographic point of view. A search for Butterfly houses on Google yielded the Tropical House at Roundhay park Leeds, so we decided to investigate.
parking was free and we entered the left hand side part of the park through "Canal Gardens" which you see here

Behind the wall on the right there are formal gardens, very neatly trimmed and kept and at the rear is "Tropical World" (it must be of Tardis type construction as it is absolutely HUGE on the inside!)
The admission charge was a very reasonble £3.25 each (It must be subsidised!) and you are in a truly tropical environment of 30 plus Degrees Centigrade and 100% humidity!

When you enter the Butterfly House you need a lengthy pause to adjust to the heat, and allow your cameras to demist, it can take some time! The first thing you see is a case where the adults are emerging from pupa.
Then there are pathways through the "Jungle" to search for Butterflies (there are ponds with some fine carp in them too!)
Pat couldn't wait to get shooting, here is one of her nicer shots taken before the lens cleared properly (but it is rather a nice effect)

Once I could see through the viewfinder I was happily shooting away (and melting through the lace holes of my trainers!)
Using Flash was necessary to reduce the ghosting of the fluttering wings and this specimen looks likes two butterflies, but there was only one there! Pat wasn't using flash and she got several blurred photos, but this one appealed very much, the wing movement is very in keeping with the subject

Here for once is one of them at rest, (not seen very often)
There were many exotic blooms as you walked though this man made junction, it was on two levels and very extensive
There was a running river fed by a waterfall and Pat was attractive by this rather pensive bird
Here is the waterfall, you could walk into the back and lean against the rail to put your hand into the falling water
There was a "Nocturnal" house with very low lighting indeed, Pat's Bridge camera surprised me with the way it could cope, this shot was 1/15 second at F3 1250 ASA
And to get this shot at all was even more remarkable at 1/15 sec @ f3.5 1500 ASA
Not exactly good quality, but I am amazed it managed even this much!

On then into brighter lighting and an extensive Meerkat Warren!
By now we were ready for some lunch and even though we had by no means seen everything we made our way back to the entrance to find something for lunch!
I just had to take a last shot of this beauty that had just emerged from it's pupa.
The Cafe was our next stop and here again the food was good and a bargain. We shall certainly visit again during the winter as there is lots to do out of the weather and in the warm.
Pat liked it so much she took 101 photographs!


Weasellady said...

I just had to tell Pat and yourself how much I enjoyed this blog.
Thank you bot for sharing.

Barbara said...

What a wonderful set up Tony I wish the Edinburgh one was as extensive

InTouchPhotos said...

Fantastic photos, loved looking at them and reading your blog. We visited a tropical butterfly house while down in Wales this summer, great for photography