Friday, January 27, 2006

Democracy? what's that?

The "shock result" of the Palestinian election shouldn't really have surprised anybody, as the group that got into power had a clear mandate from the people.
For the life of me I can't see what Mr Bush imagined was going to happen: just because a system had been set up to collect votes, how was this going to change the beliefs of the voters round to support his point of view?
It's not as if voting helped prevent Adolf Hitler coming to power,in fact it had the opposite effect, he was voted in.
Time we stopped pretending that democracy was simply the act of voting, which would somehow magically make everyone peacefully inclined, no matter how badly they felt themselves to have been wronged!
Democracy will only really exist when the voters can actually vote on a daily basis for the immediate issues of the time, we do not have democracy now, we have Party Politics, where you are asked to endorse one set of rogues or the other, then put up with them for a period of years, no matter what a foul up they make.
I doubt whether there would have been any British participation in the invasion of Iraq had we had a couple of Yes/NO buttons on our TV sets to permit us to vote for or against it!


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