Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Puppy love (sort of!)

It's freezing cold outside, so I've been passing the time playing with a pretty neat small linux distribution call "Puppy Linux" which has the novel feature of being able to save your files back to the live CD, so you can literally keep all documents and settings, Very clever!
It's only about 60 K in size, and has a clever "puppy loader" that allows you to add programs to it from the net, they automatically install when downloaded, and display any extra needed libraries (these are obtainable in the same way.) The good news is these newly installed programs are saved back to the CD as you log out as well.
The speed is quite amazing.
Just one problem: Can I get it to speak to the printer? NO WAY!
I have tried three different prnters so far, so it's definitely something I shall persevere with!

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