Wednesday, January 18, 2006

January 18 2006

The winter has been mild so far, more wet than anything, today was mild at 8 degrees C, and with little wind, it felt as though spring is on the way.
My wife and I drove the fifty miles to Scarborough ( the original english seaside resort) and found it fairly busy, with people walking their dogs on the beach, and the local council busy dredging the lake in Peasholm Park.
Last weekend when we were there we watched the surfers (about twenty of them!) in the North Bay, though what excitement they can get from waves less than a metre high and temperatures around freezing is hard for us to understand!
At the weekend there were literally hundreds of cars parked on the seafront and all the cafes and amusements were open and doing a roaring trade.
The reason for the huge gap in dates on this blog is simple.
I lost it!

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