Friday, January 20, 2006

Google World on BBC2

The Money program did a documentary, made me wonder what made me start using Google: I guess it was simply because it was new at the time, more importantly it wasn't from Microsoft!
Once the habit had started, it just continues!
I went off Microsoft a long time ago, to the extent that I have been using Linux for some years now,
The only time I bother with windows is when,like this week, a friend brings round a sick computer for me to resurrect.
This week one appeared that had the slowest hard drive I've ever come across, it was little faster that a floppy!
With a new hard drive and system it certainly perked up, would have preferred to give them Linux, but they struggled with windows and wee too timid to change for the better.
Went out for a short ride on my Honda Dylan 125cc scooter, pleasant, apart from the stiff side wind, the local roads are a mud bath at this time of year.

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