Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Tuesday 29th March 2011 A little rain this morning

Not the usual Lake District deluge, but  a sort of "Mizzle" so went shopping in Penrith than took a drive down the side of Ullswater. The Lake  was very still, as here
It was very misty too, which didn't make ideal photographic conditions, so we dropped down the hill names rather aptly "The Struggle" into Ambleside, then headed north for another supply of Grasmere Gingerbread on our way back to camp.
During the afternoon the weather improved, Pat wanted to work on her crochet, so I went off to Grange for a walk around the village area. 
For once it was possible to get a reasonably clear view of the bridge and the pub behind before the new leaves obscure the view.
The pussy willow was out by the Bridge

At least I think that's what  it was! heading towards Kendal I climbed down the bank to the lake shore, you could see that the level was very low as there hadn't been much recent rain.
There were many strange tree stumps along the shore line, like some alien monsters as here
The weathering revealed some very fancy grain structures that would please anyone interested in wood carving

  Then it was back to site for tea and a lazy evening (what a hard life!)

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