Monday, March 28, 2011

Monday 28th March 2011 Ennerdale

Heading south through Grange we spotted some lambs in a field and Pat just had to photograph them!

We set off through Grange and Honister Pass where we stopped for our morning cuppa,and piece of Grasmere Gingerbread.
The car was dwarfed  , not just by  the hillside, but the great fallen rock we had parked next to!
 Then through the village of Buttermere, stopping at the end of the lake to photograph this view, the reflections were wonderful due to the stillness of the water
This tree was heavily damaged by a storm many years ago, yet every spring the remaining branches put forth a good covering of leaves, a reassuring sight in the face of great adversity!
Crummock water was  just as still, and as smooth as a mirror
Pat was enjoying herself and tool this one of the marvellous reflections on the lake, it was so still!
This view is one Pat had wanted very much to Photograph, so we stopped and out she went!

What happened to Ennerdale? we found that on the coast side of the hills there was a fog! so we had a very nice lunch in the cafe in Gosforth, and came back via Newlands pass, leaving Ennerdale to a day with clearer weather where we can get some good photo's!
Though the day had started with a heavy frost it had turned into a lovely spring day, we even saw some Rhododendron bushes in flower, which seems very early to me! Here is the picture Pat took

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