Thursday, February 02, 2006

February, brrrrr!

The sky is grey, the temperature zero degrees centigrade, it's low tide and there's no shipping on the river.
The usual thin winter mist obscures Lincolnshire on the other side
It's a strange thing, the River Humber, it's absolutely huge, yet has so little traffic that often you only see two to three ships moving over a period of an hour, even on the high tide, despite the fact that there are three ports, Hull, Grimsby, and Goole, and major continental ferries: I don't know of a single river anywhere that's so near to being a "desert" with regard to shipping, it seems a terrible waste to have put what was the world's longest suspension bridge (when it was built) over it!
Perhaps we should just have filled most of it in, and only had a little bridge in the middle?
Even the bridge carries very little vehicular traffic, despite exhorbitant fees to use it, the enormous cost of building the bridge will NEVER be recouped!

Here's a boat pictured earlier (Yesterday)

This is a petrol barge, returning empty from the River Trent, back to the hull Docks,
As you can see it is high in the water: when full the barge looks like a submarine, on a breezy day waves wash across the deck.
Believe it or not both pictures are colour photo's!

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