Friday, April 06, 2012

Thursday 5th April 2012 Low Moor, Whitby

We rather expected to run into the snow we knew had fallen the previous day, but the only traces we saw were on distant hilltops, and we arrived on site just after 1pm, securing the pitch we wanted (no 1) near the site entrance.
The stewards told us that there had been four inches of snow on the previous day (it had almost all melted by the time we arrived) and the electricity supply had gone off for ten hours!
After getting sorted out I tried to connect to the internet to find that the connection was far worse than on our previous visit and it was virtually impossible to load any images.
We drove down into Whitby and parked on the Customs Wharf, enjoying the warm sunshine, strolling around the harbour and shopping before a very tasty Fish and Chips tea in our favourite café opposite the Co-op
Throughout the day the skies were clear and blue, though there was a cold edge to the wind
Fine reflections on the harbour!

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