Sunday, April 15, 2012

Friday 23rd April: A run to the West and back over Hardknot and Wrynose

But first an early morning walk down to the lake and a chance to try out the new camera phone!

Then off through Newlands valley to Buttermere and beyond
We shopped briefly in Workington then continued to Gosforth to our usual Cafe, but found that they quality of the food wasn't up to the standard we have come to expect, so that's one off our list!
The run up to Hardknott was in bright sunshine, but once we were part way up the first steep section we ran into a Hailstorm, not the sort of thing you want on that road!
ortunately there wasn't a sufficiently heavy fall for it to lay, otherwide it could have made for an awkward journey!
At the top of Wrynose we stopped to take a picture once again with the new phone.
Then there was the usual worst part of the crossing, the narrow roads after the passes!
It was a good day out!
Keith Chambers had come over from Breadnell and was camping at the Camping Club site at Keswick and came over to spend the evening with us: he brought us a very welcome treat, Rum truffles from Trotters bakery in Seahouses, very welcome indeed!

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