Friday, February 29, 2008

February 29th at last!

Thank goodness the main body of winter is now behind up and we can look forward to some better weather, over on the forum we're running a monthly competition on the theme of spring bursts out, for which I haven't yet produced an entry, but since it runs for the whole month of March, I don't have to do it in a rush. Over on Ephotozine my last few efforts have not gained many votes, nonetheless I have been enjoying posting on almost a daily basis. Here's one of my latest postings.
Which got a modest nine votes. It started out when I took a picture of a burning match, then asked myself why would anyone hold a match for long enough for it to burn down? It was then the they came up with the idea of a burglar examining something he is about to steal, so I opened my painting of the Mona Lisa, created a new layer over it that contained the picture of the burning match, then erased the background to reveal the painting beneath.
The title was obvious " thief in the night"

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