Saturday, February 02, 2008

1st Feb 2008: arctic Weather hits us

The day started well enough mild and with bright sunshine, we decided to go for a drive and have lunch in Castleton at the tea room , but ran into a blizzrd on top of Bakey Ridge.
Lunch was great, with the snow still falling heavily I felt it would be safe to head across to Whitby rather than risk the gales and Blizzard on Blakey Ridge onto to get stuck half way up the 1 in 4 hill out of Lealholm!
Fortunately I still had the Spikes Spiders in the boot, so had to set to kneeling in teh blizzard to build the spacers and adapters onto the wheel nuts before the snow chains could be used.
Eventually I succeeded, and we drove up the hill passing a stuck lorry, and covered the remaining miles to the coast road up hill and down dales with absolutely no difficulty at all.
The Spikes Spiders were absolutley Brilliant!

Once we reached the main road I had to take the spikes spiders off again, to conserve the chain, as they are not the designed to be run for long distances.
I was very impressed with the efficiency of the system on the snow, and felt that it was very unlikely that we would ever get bogged down, unless the snow was extremely deep.
We then ran into heavy slow moving traffic and it took 3 hours to get as far as Bridlington, where we shopped at the Morrison's and had some tea. From here on there was no snow, so we made good time the rest of the distance home.

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